Business/Industry Management Support

Entropy Limited provides management support to business and industry.  This includes economic improvements, quality control, employment and personnel practices, and busines valuation and reporting.

Quality Control Training

Entropy Limited has provided training in quality control techniques in manufacturing and equipment maintenance.  (Through the State University of New York, Worcester Polytechnique Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, the University of Michigan, and a number of private companies.)

Computer Simulation Training

Entropy Limited provides training in the use of specialized computer codes to simulate the behavior of complex systems and to make cost tradeoffs. (For personnel in over 30 major corporations.)

Petroleum Storage Tanks

Entropy Limited conducted national surveys of both underground and aboveground petroleum storage tanks for the American Petroleum Institute.

Fuel Management Economics

Entropy Limited developed a system to make economic tradeoff analyses in fuel management, and conducted a full-core analysis of General Public Utilities' Oyster Creek reactor. The effects of variations in over 50 different cost factors are analyzed and the cost implications are detailed. Factors including cleanup costs, lost production costs, storage costs, and replacement costs are included. (For the Electric Power Research Institute.)

Real Estate Investment

Entropy Limited developed a computerized system to provide multi-year financial and tax projects for real estate investments. (For attorneys, brokers and investors.)

Underground Tank Replacement Scheduling

Entropy Limited has conducted a number of studies of tank lifetimes in conjunction with tank management and replacement programs. (For various corporations.)

Equitable Employment and Personnel Practices

Entropy Limited analyzed employment and personnel data for racial and gender balance. (For the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and for local agencies and businesses in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.)

Wage Garnishment

Entropy Limited analyzed the differential impact of wage garnishment on different employee subgroups. (For a major New York law firm.)

Line-of-Business (LB) Reporting

Entropy Limited conducted a mathematical analysis of the disaggregability of aggregates of LB data reported to the Federal Trade Commission. (For a major New York law firm representing over 100 corporations.)

Business Valuation

Entropy Limited analyzed data to estimate costs and liabilities for 188 service stations in California (Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties) and one in Nevada, with a total of 776 underground tanks. (For three California corporations.)

Stocks and Commodities Analysis

Entropy Limited developed acceptance criteria for technical trading rules. (For International Technical Analysis, Inc.)


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