Influenza Epidemiology & Pandemic Preparedness

Entropy Limited and the Entropy Research Institute, with internal and governmental support, have been actively involved in estimating the impact of both annual and pandemic influenza, including the effectiveness of vaccination programs, and management options in preparing for pandemics.


Japanese Schoolchildren National Vaccination Program Study

This study, under the leadership of Entropy Limited's and the Entropy Research Institute's medical director, Thomas Reichert, showed that Japan succeeded in reducing influenza-attributable mortality in its elderly population by vaccinating its schoolchildren.

Multinational Influenza Seasonal Mortality Study

With the National Institutes of Health, the Entropy Research Institute initiated a multinational program to estimate the global burden of disease due to influenza.  One outcome of this work has been a demonstration that influenza is the most likely cause of the majority of the winter increase in mortality in all developed countries.

Pandemic Preparedness

Recent work at the Entropy Research Institute has shown that influenza vaccination of high-risk groups in several countries has failed to reduce mortality in any middle or elderly age group.  Recognizing that relying solely on current vaccination policies will be insufficient to protect any institution's personnel resources and performance capability, Entropy Limited has developed procedures and services to guide management of commercial and venture capital organizations in risk assessment, planning and   evaluation of preparation for influenza epidemics and pandemics.


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