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Influenza Pandemic Preparedness

Because the impact of the next influenza pandemic is potentially globally calamitous, whether the emergent virus is a variant of what is now called "bird flu" or another strain that arises, EL has added the service of providing pandemic preparedness guidance to its continuing work on influenza epidemiology.  A DVD is available which provides this information in the context of institutions that provide care for individuals requiring assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).  Interested organizations may inquire through ClientServices@EntropyLimited.com.


Statistical Significance With Smaller Samples

The high cost of clinical trials is partly due to the resources needed to acquire each data "point" and partly to the number of data points required for statistical significance with the analysis methods employed.  To help reduce these costs, EL has developed methodologies which focus existing resources to acquire statistically significant information using smaller samples from fewer sites.  This enables management to obtain the necessary information and reduce the time to market while meeting financial milestones.  For further information, contract ClientServices@EntropyLimited.com.


Expert Resolution in Diagnostic Testing

Every doctor "knows" that a second diagnostic test can clarify a clinical dilemma.  The statistical literature, however, contains very few examples of combinations of tests that have been accepted as improving reliability beyond that of the highest performing test in the combination.  EL has developed both a theoretical solution to the problem of combining expert opinions/test results and a pragmatic approximation for use in real problems.  This tool can be used to "profile" the diagnostic test that will provide the largest increase in test reliability when combined with an index test, and can project the performance of candidate tests from small test arrays.  For further information, contract ClientServices@EntropyLimited.com.


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