Other Medical Problems

Cell Sorting Technology

Entropy Limited analyzed data on a new technology for cell sorting, identifying statistical distributions best-fitted by several of the variables, and examining correlations among the variables, for Aura Oncology Systems, Inc.

Human Genome Data Management

Entropy Limited provided consultation on computer systems to handle massive bioinformatics databases, with potential applicability to human genome databases worldwide, for Kris Technologies.

Predicting Rare Events in Medicine

Entropy Limited has worked with Oxfordshire Health Authority (U.K.) providing technical assistance on data retrieval systems, computerized medical event tracking systems, and statistical methodology for predicting rare events in medicine. In consultation with staff from Radcliff Hospital and the National Health Authority, recommendations were provided on operation of data retrieval systems and development of computerized medical event tracking systems.

Multi-Dimensional Data Display for Flow Cytometers

For Bection Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems, Inc., Entropy Limited has developed algorithms to display multi-dimensional flow cytometry data on computer monitors and to identify samples exhibiting various categories of abnormality.

Distinguishing Personality and Mood Disorders

For a private client, Entropy Limited analyzed patterns in data for distinguishing personality and mood disorders from autobiographical memories. The focus of the analysis was correlations of early childhood memories with depression and related psychological states of adults.

Drug Abuse and Its Prevention in the Military Services

Entropy Limited, under subcontract from Arthur D. Little, Inc. (ADL), designed a survey, entered the responses and performed the analysis of drug abuse in U.S. military services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps) around the globe. Each of 20,000 servicemen filled out a 60-page survey covering incidence, prevalence and patterns of drug abuse, detection of drug abuse problems; and education, treatment and rehabilitation. As a sub-contractor to ADL, EL provided the data management and analysis services for the project.

Considering the number of people surveyed and the amount of information obtained from each respondent, this was one of the largest surveys ever conducted for the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Surgeon General's Office.


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