Infrastructure Security

Entropy Limited, Entropy Management Limited, Inc. and Risk Management Technologies, Inc. have conducted risk assessment and risk management projects for both commercial and governmental organizations concerned with infrastructure security. Included are projects focusing on risks from unintential natural causes (both events which can be seen long ahead of time such as Y2K and sudden events such as environmental catastrophies) and projects concerned with risks from intentional, e.g. criminal, activity.

Computer and Embedded Systems Readiness of Public Utilities

Risk Management Technologies, Inc. (RMT) and Entropy Limited (EL) performed technical assessment of the preparations of more than 450 public utilities representing over 85% of the electric and gas production and distribution in the U.S. and a substantial portion of the power in Canada and a number of countries in Europe, Central and South America, the Pacific Rim and the Far East. These assessments covered inventory, prioritization, testing, redemption, and contingency planning with respect to computers, telecommunication and embedded systems in production, generation, transmission, distribution and business systems and facilities. EL also conducted technical assessments of the reliability status of a number of telecommunications companies, water utilities and waste water services.   (For Aegis Insurance Services, Inc.)

Readiness and Vulnerability of Computers and Embedded Systems in Maritime Enterprises

Entropy Management Limited (U.K.)/RMT and Entropy Limited, in cooperation with Science Applications International Corporation, analyzed survey data on vulnerability, preparedness and mitigation procedures of ocean ports, maritime terminals, intermodal shipping companies and related organizations in 80 countries world-wide. Covered in addition to U.S. and its territories were:

         (For  U.S. Coast Guard.)

Risk and Contingency Planning, Preparation and Guidance for International Shipping

Entropy Management Limited (U.K.)/RMT and Entropy Limited carried out background research with national and international shipping operators and port, terminal and multimodal transportation operators, building two 4-diskette Windows-environment software toolkits. "Ship2000 Toolkit" and "T2000 Toolkit", containing information regarding ships and ports/terminals world-wide, contributing infromation to maritime industry website and conference series held in Singapore, USA, UK and Greece sponsored by international NGO's including the International Chamber of Shipping and BIMCO, among others. (For Thomas Miller & Co., Ltd., UK P&I Club and UK TT Club.)

Computer Vulnerability of Medical Facilities

Risk Management Technologies, Inc. and Entropy Limited developed procedures for data acquisition and evaluation to assess the readiness of hospitals, clinics and related medical facilities and associated businesses. (For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.)

Infrastructure Safety & Security

Entropy Management Limited, Inc. prepared background information pertinent to nuclear reactors, agribusiness, computers and criminal justice for the Homeland Security Institute.

Transportation Vulnerability

Entropy Management Limited, Inc. and Entropy Limited analyzed data on vulnerability of seaports,  maritime terminals, and ocean trading "choke points" (canals, inland waterways, etc.) world-wide to provide national security estimates.  (Under subcontract from Science Applications International, Inc., for U.S. DoD and Intelligence Community.)

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