Materials & Structures

Entropy Limited has studied patterns in materials and structures to find surface and sub-surface flaws that could become hazardous. EL also prepares pre-architectural engineering specifications of facilities. EL has worked on projects ranging from general structural analysis program design to specific applications for predicting and detecting system failure.

Stress Corrosion Failure

Entropy Limited worked with the University of Michigan to develop a model for the Northeast Utilities Service Company to predict failure of stainless steel cladding in commercial electric power reactors. The model is based on a combination of mechanistic and empirical factors including physical design specifications, operating history and duty cycles.

Structural Analysis

On a project for the Electric Power Research Institute, in cooperation with both the Stanford Research Institute and Washington University, EL designed a finite element post-processor for cost-effective structural analysis of inelastic systems.

Detection of Flaws in Materials

EL developed mathematical algorithms for use in conjunction with a new technology for detecting surface and sub-surface properties and flaws in materials for Jentek Sensors, Inc. This is useful in a wide variety of engineering applications in airplanes, ships, trucks, electricity generating plants and other materials/equipment sites.

Weld Failures

For Consolidated Edison Company, under subcontract from Altran Corporation, EL employed Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests to analyze cracking of girth welds on steam generators to determine the cumulative probability of corrosion pitting in the vicinity of the weld and the distribution of crack lengths.

Pump & Valve Failures

A model for pinpointing pumps and valves with high failure risks in aging nuclear power plants was developed in cooperation with EG&G Idaho by EL for the Division of Engineering, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Equipment included turbine-driven pumps, motor-driven pumps, motor-operated valves and check valves.

Fuel Pellet Cracking

Using data provided by Argonne National Laboratories, EL analyzed crack patterns in nuclear fuel elements for the Electric Power Research Institute to determine the relationship between thermal stress and cracking. EL developed a model of the radial expansion, axial elongation and cracking behavior of uranium dioxide fuel under operational temperature transients.

Deformation of Fuel Rods

In cooperation with Science Applications, Inc., EL analyzed data on fuel assemblies for patterns in rod bow and coolant channel closure for the Electric Power Research Institute.

Piping Vibration Damage Risk Analysis

Entropy Limited conducted principal components analysis of vibration modes of a system of large high pressure steam pipes, which endanger turbine building structures if the vibrations become excessive.  (For a turbine piping system being analyzed by Altran Corporation.)

Blood Collection Device Performance

Data to assess a vacuum tube under development for collection of blood was organized into a research data base and statistical analyses were performed by Entropy Limited. (For Vacutaner.)

Failure Avoidance Design

For Arichell Technologies, Entropy Limited analyzed statistical data distributions of equipment lifetimes and the sensitivity of serviceable lifetime to engineering design factors.


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